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Hysterectomy Recovery

On the third of this month, I underwent a laparoscopic hysterectomy and a partial oophorectomy. I have tried not to do more than I’m supposed to but Mika’s gonna Mika. I haven’t stepped too far out of my boundaries; I’m testing where the boundaries are. Lifting the bucket of litter is a firm boundary right now 😂.

There is an amazing website for women who need information and support about hysterectomies: HisterSisters. I joined the site a few weeks before I was due to have my surgery. The women there are awesome and I can’t give them enough praise. Just to have a website dedicated to women and ran by women is praise-worthy enough! The information they provide helped to alleviate many of my concerns before I even met with my surgeon.

Now I am just focusing on healing. I know in the days and weeks to come my mind and body will get better and I won’t let anything interrupt this process. Setting and achieving goals is the motivation for 2017.