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Planner fever

Late to the party as usual, I am just now getting into the planner craze. There are a few YouTube channels that I follow that piqued my interest and I finally got tired of just ooo-ing and ahh- ing at their creativity, so I got my own. I see what the hype is about! As soon as I got the Amazon notification I was amped. I got home, sliced open the packaging, and immediately had an “ooo shiny” moment. She’s (yes, she lol) so pretty!! I had a smaller planner I purchased from somewhere and was working with that but I wasn’t satisfied. The boxes for the days of the week we’re not big enough for my fat handwriting 😂 let alone the stickers it came with.

I have the Me & My Big Ideas Create 365 The Happy Planner from Amazon. I just…. ahhh! I love this planner. I already have a Dollar Store/ Dollar Tree addiction with an affinity for stickers, so I’m sure it was a matter of time before I got into planners anyway.


Organization never looked so good! Nah seriously, I am going through the cliched midlife crisis. This doesn’t feel like a cliche however, it feels like a tar pit. I am getting out though and this beauty right here will be part of my testimony.


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